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Down Syndrome Ireland
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The Entrepreneur & SME Summit 2024

Virtual Business Collaboration (VBC) and Insight HR are delighted to bring you an unmissable event for early growth companies and SMEs who want to build the right foundations for success.

The Entrepreneur & SME Summit 2024 takes place on Tuesday 28th of May in the stunning surrounds of the Vertigo room at Cork County Hall, and in aid of Down Syndrome Ireland!

From networking sessions to panel discussions, attendees will be treated to wisdom from a range of CEOs, founders and industry experts who will be outlining the foundations of building a successful business!


Get actionable advice, get inspired, get growing, and get going, to The Entrepreneur & SME Summit 2024!

What to Expect.

At the Entrepreneur & SME Summit you will be equipped with the skills and knowledge to perfect successful business event networking. In our networking session, we’ll be sharing insights on becoming more focused, confident and effective in order to leverage your networking activities making them more impactful in driving results, partnerships, and success for your business.


Once registered for the event on May 28th we’ll begin the journey with you, sharing tips, tricks, and ideas on how to become an effective networker both in your business and professional life.


Let us help you build an effective network!

Date:     Tuesday, 28th May
Time:     8.30am

Venue:  Vertigo Room, County Hall Building, Cork

Price:     €49.95

In aid of Down Syndrome Ireland

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Great article in the Echo Live!

Networking @ The Entrepreneur & SME Summit 2024


It’s people who know people, who help people!

Simple but powerful right?! And that’s the essence of networking. It’s people who come together, get to know one another, build up awareness, trust and learn to collaborate, support and raise each other up to succeed.

And this is why, at The Entrepreneur & SME Summit 2024, as well as learning from our experienced panel of speakers, guests will have the opportunity to network, collaborate, engage and forge valuable connections with many business owners, in our dedicated networking hub in a relaxed, purposeful and professional setting.

Our event will kick off in the networking hub and exhibition space, starting the morning with an energising and motivating session, where we will share key networking tips to help grow, promote and enhance your business.

3 reasons why you should attend

      The Entrepreneur & SME Summit 2024.


Elevate your skills, your knowledge and your business!

Hear from top industry experts, network with other business owners, and leave with actionable insights to help you build and grow your business successfully.

Our Charity Partner

Down Syndrome Ireland

Down Syndrome Ireland is Ireland's leading charity that provides support and services to people with Down Syndrome and their families through a national office and 25 branches nationwide.  We provide ‘all-through-life’ supports to people with Down Syndrome and their families across Ireland with specialists in the areas of health, speech and language, early development, education and adult education and independence that enhance the lives of thousands of children and adults with Down Syndrome across the country.

Down Syndrome Ireland is the voice of people with Down Syndrome and their families throughout Ireland. We provide a wide range of vital services that enhance the lives of thousands of children and adults with Down Syndrome. With only 23% state funding, we rely on the generosity of people like you and really do appreciate any amount that you can afford to donate – Thank you so much!

Link to our Employer Introduction Pack

For more information, you can visit Down Syndrome Ireland's website here.

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